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Concrete Sidewalk

The choices to build a sidewalk may seem a bit limited, but it still has many options in terms of the material you can choose. For instance, you can go for natural stone, earth, or gravel for building a sidewalk. However, a material that has emerged as a more durable and lasting solution is concrete. It is not a new discovery either; concrete has been utilized for sidewalks since the Roman era. Yet the recent developments in the industry have made concrete a considerably more practical alternative for building sidewalks.

Concrete Contractor Ocala offers the most brilliant concrete sidewalks installation and repair services in and around Florida. Our specialists guarantee that your prerequisites and expectations are met appropriately, be it for a private structure or a business establishment.

Concrete Sidewalk Installation Services

The concrete sidewalk installation process is essentially similar to a majority of the other types of concrete installation methods. To start the project, our specialists will prepare the soil by expelling the top level of the earth. We will then compress the base level of soil and set up the plan of the sidewalk. After that, we will lay the structures made with wooden stakes on the readied ground.

When the structures are set and leveled according to the required height of the sidewalk, we will pour the concrete mix from the top to the base level on the ground. Our specialists will ensure that the structures are totally filled and then use a long-handled trowel to smoothen the concrete surface. We will also use a brush and corner tools to get the required finish.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair Services

Concrete sidewalks are typically exposed to tough climatic conditions and extreme traffic, which can lead to a few damages to them over time. Luckily, the damages that happen on concrete sidewalks can be found quickly and resolved effectively in time. In most cases, concrete sidewalks experience spalling, which happens due to excessive water content in the concrete mixture. Spalling can also happen if a great deal of water is splashed onto the concrete sections during the curing procedure. Spalling issues, such as chipping, flaking, and popping of the concrete surface, which leave the aggregate uncovered, can be fixed by patching.

Another common type of concrete sidewalks damage is breaking or cracking. This occurs after some time because of significant pedestrian movement, dropping of heavy items, or because of the maturing and aging of the concrete. If the crack has not influenced an enormous piece of the sidewalk, it can very well be fixed with an epoxy infusion or hydraulic cement. However, if the split has spread to the whole section, then resurfacing will be the best response to the issue. This will ensure that the concrete surface looks consistent and balanced.


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