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Concrete Contractor Ocala offers you the most appropriate solutions for all concrete-related jobs, be it for concrete driveway installation or dealing with concrete repairs.



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We assure you the best quality in all types of concrete projects regardless of the extent of the endeavor. You can be certain that the outcome will meet all your needs in terms of its aesthetic appeal, value, and usefulness.

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We offer you the best solutions to a wide range of concrete installation, repairs, and upkeep works. Our specialists will help you to recognize which concrete structure and laying technique will suit your needs before starting with the concrete project.

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We have a reliable group of specialists who can manage any size of concrete installation or repair job. This allows us to offer a versatile solution to meet the distinctive concrete installation, maintenance, structure, and styling needs of our clients.

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Concrete Contractor Ocala offers you wide-ranging concrete services that will satisfy all of your needs fittingly. We offer the most suitable and quality concrete solutions for individual property holders as well as business establishments in Florida. From managing usual concrete damages to redesigning the style and comfort of your concrete yard or walkway, we can manage any scope of concrete projects for you.

Concrete Patio Installation

A well-arranged concrete patio can boost the overall value of your home significantly. It gives you a space to have some quality time with your loved ones or breathe in some fresh air. Our concrete patio installation services give you the right blend of flexibility, convenience, and affordability. You also get to enjoy high-end sturdiness and low maintenance by picking concrete. Concrete Contractor Ocala has the right expertise and equipment to complete the patio installation in a couple of days.

Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete sidewalks have been in use since time immemorial and played a great role in improving the appeal of the property. Concrete Contractor Ocala can work out the best concrete sidewalk plan and structure for you so that it goes perfectly with the overall feel and finishing of your home. We perform the concrete installation job as per the most recent trends and styles in the industry, which delivers you remarkable results to make your property more attractive.

Concrete Steps

Concrete steps are favored nowadays as a more appropriate alternative to utilizing customary materials like wooden planks. This is because concrete surfaces are extremely durable and require less maintenance when compared to wood. Concrete Contractor Ocala ensures that you get all the astonishing advantages of concrete steps while giving you a quality and fashionable finish. That will guarantee that you do not have to make any sacrifice with unappealing steps for getting greater durability and longevity.


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Our specialists use high-end tools and equipment and follow the tried-and-tested strategies in the industry to guarantee that you get an ideal concrete finish. We make every effort to offer excellent-quality concrete services and deliver supreme outcomes no matter what your needs are.

Concrete Driveway Installation

Your driveway is one of the main parts of the property that visitors would see when they arrive at your home. Moreover, it is the most intensely used open-air space as well. That is why we at Concrete Contractor Ocala make sure to plan and construct the best performing concrete driveway for you, be it with respect to its visual interest or strength. We ensure that the driveway makes an amazing intrigue that goes well with the overall style of your home.

Concrete Repair

Although concrete surfaces are extremely strong and durable and can last for a long time with suitable installation and upkeep, they can get damaged due to aging, maturing, and weathering. Extensive use and heavy traffic can also lead to cracking and spelling of concrete surfaces over time. That is why Concrete Contractor Ocala offers comprehensive concrete repair services to deal with such issues in time. We can manage any extent of concrete damage efficiently, and work out a way that will make your concrete surface look incredible again.

Concrete Retaining Wall

A strong retaining wall is the most vital segment in the structure of a building that helps with hindering soil disintegration damages. Besides, it bolsters ground inclining and helps to regulate a steep grade as well. Concrete retaining walls also add to the appeal of your landscaping while ensuring that you have a safe and sturdy structure. We at Concrete Contractor Ocala make sure that you get the most durable retaining wall that will increase the value of your property.

Complete Concrete Repair and Maintenance Services

Remarkable Concrete Repair


for Reasonable Costs

You can rely on Concrete Contractor Ocala for any and all kinds of concrete services, be it for your private property or business establishment. We also offer unmatched concrete repair services for concrete driveways, concrete patio, concrete sidewalk, concrete retaining wall, concrete steps, and more.


Concrete Driveway Repair

Concrete driveways are exposed to overwhelming traffic, changes in climate, and a lot more harsh elements. Continual freeze and defrost cycles make concrete driveways break and split as the water content in the concrete slabs expand. Our experts can offer the right fix for your concrete driveway damages and restore its finish to match the original looks and feel.


Concrete Steps Repair

Consistent pedestrian activity and exposure to climate components can make concrete steps to weaken after some time. This can represent a danger of trips and falls while demolishing the overall intrigue of your property as well. We deal with the situation cautiously by assessing the extent of the harm, and fixing the damaged steps and revamping it to its previous state.


Concrete Foundation Repair

As the soil underneath the concrete foundation extends and shrivels because of the constant changes in temperature, it puts the concrete slabs under great pressure and leads to numerous sorts of damages. Our experts will evaluate the degree of the damage and work out the best way to deal with the concrete foundation issue to ensure that it does not cause any sort of damage to the structure.


Concrete Flatwork

In need of some Concrete Flatwork for your residential or commercåial property? What is concrete flatwork? Essentially it is any surfaced poured that moves along a horizontal plane. Some examples of flatwork include basements, driveways, patios, garage slabs, concrete additions and typically and flat concrete surface.


Concrete Flatwork cost typically depends on the size of the project. It is important to find a good and reputable concrete contractor to handle your project.


Concrete Patio Repair

Concrete patios are a great way to add more value to your property. They also allow you to enjoy some fresh air and unwind in the outdoor space. However, enduring the changes in the atmosphere and harsh elements constantly can prompt splits and cracks in concrete patios. Our specialists can assist you with fixing a wide range of concrete patio damages, be it breaking, lifting, or sinking of the surface.


Mud jacking Services

We also offer mud jacking or slab jacking services to deal with the sinking of concrete surfaces. This sort of harm can happen to your concrete porch or concrete carport because of poor installation, or soil washout and soil compaction problems. Regardless of what the problem is, we will utilize the best equipment for mud jacking to raise the concrete surface to its original position.

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Concrete is one of the most preferred materials for landscaping, be it for private properties or commercial establishments. It gives you various benefits like quality, durability, and versatility. You can even customize concrete surfaces to match it as per your styling inclinations and overall property appeal. Furthermore, concrete surfaces do not need any significant upkeep and maintenance either, which gives you more value for your venture.

If you are looking for “the best concrete contractors near me”, then you are at the right place. Concrete Contractor Ocala has acquired a name for being a reliable and trusted concrete contractor in Florida, and we strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction for all our undertakings. We will work with you to understand your needs and carry out the project to deliver the results as per your expectations.


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We are one of the most reputed concrete and cement contractors in Ocala, Florida. You can get in touch with us for any sort of concrete installation, concrete repair, concrete resurfacing, epoxy floor coating, concrete cutting services, and more.

Splits and cracks are the most widely recognized kind of damage influencing concrete driveways. While a few cracks can be ignored as a mere blemish, bigger cracks and splits can weaken the structural integrity of your concrete driveway. That is why you need to address the problem in due time before it accelerates and makes things worse.

We at Concrete Contractor Ocala utilize an assortment of techniques to fill breaks in your driveway. After fixing the damages, we will also offer corrosive re-coloring, acid staining, and different services to give your driveway an elegant and flawless appeal.

A solid concrete foundation is critical to hold the structure properly over the ground. It assists with keeping out the dampness while shielding the structure against disintegration from chemical substances and harsh elements found underneath the soil.

The foundation supports the full load of the structure, so it needs to be strong and durable. We at Concrete Contractor Ocala recommend Portland Pozzolana Cement or PPC as the best cement for building a concrete foundation. It hydrates slowly and gives the concrete surface a strong finish.

Evaluating the extent of the concrete patio damage is the first step to determine whether it will require repairs or a complete re-doing. Most of the concrete porch damages can be fixed successfully without having to redo the yard totally. Basic concrete issues like lifting, sinking, splitting, and spalling can be tended to effectively within two or three days.

Minor concrete patio damages can be managed by corrosive re-coloring, acid staining, split filling, patching, and so on. Yet if the concrete damage is serious and has extended to the entire section, then re-doing the patio will be the ideal alternative to re-establish its appeal and functionality.

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At Concrete Contractor Ocala, we collaborate with our clients to understand their requirements and propose the most suitable solution to accommodate their desires as well as budgetary obligations. This helps us to ensure that you get a top-quality concrete surface that suits your lifestyle and styling preferences impeccably.

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We have all the expertise of different innovations and the latest trends in the industry to deliver you unrivaled results

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We utilize the top-grade materials to make sure that you get the most brilliant results for your concrete installation project

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We have been serving Ocala, Florida for many years now and have earned a reputation for delivering consistent outcomes always

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Justin Willis
July 26, 2023
I don’t even think they open any more. I’ve been calling for 3 days at all different times and the calls are ignored. Some go to a generic voicemail, others just hang up…
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Alfred Austin
January 9, 2021
Very professional. I called and he instantly gave me quote on my concrete project I was working on. I needed garage and sidewalk work done. He had a crew who specializes in concrete, paving, And more! I will recommend to my friends and family about this company. Thanks again guys !
Austin Mansij
Austin Mansij
January 9, 2021
Needed a 12 x 30 slab on the back of my home. Concrete contractors Ocala was very affordable and professional. They also do pavers and patio work as well. I will recommend them to anyone in Marion county.